Construction Zone Tarp

September 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Off Avenue B

Redondo Beach, California

September 4, 2016

Patterns can be found all around us. They are hidden in plain sight. Hidden because they are so common that we ignore them. We literally don’t see them.  As “creative” photographers we look instead for that brilliant sunset, that decaying farmhouse on the prairie, that full moon over the East River, that modern steel and glass skyscraper surrounded by old warehouses ‑‑ the same patterns that fill coffee table photo books, appear in millions of Instagram pages, and win prizes at the local photography club. 

I have my share of these. 

Mostly on film.

They’re from the days when I carried a Nikon FTN (bought in an overseas Army PX back in 1968) and had enough competence to develope my own Tri-X and Ektachrome. I believe I still have a few hundred pictures of the Bayonne Bridge and the Kill Van Kull at night, in the morning in the evening in summer in winter and early spring and late fall (taken from the roof of my apartment building). 

Here, then, is pattern of shadow and light and form I noticed as I walked by a construction site. The time was 7.20pm, with the sun still hanging high above the horizon. The next day the tarp was removed and replaced by a wire fence and stacks of cinder blocks. Not only, Sic transit gloria mundi, but, as I always say, Luck favors the prepared mind.



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