Chevron Lost Hills Oil Field

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Off Route 46 East

Lost Hills, California

July 9, 2016

I arrived at the Chevron Lost Hills oil field late in the afternoon on my way back from Big Sur. This was my second side trip to the oil fields in the past two years and the first during the latter part of the day. The sky was a opalescent blue with the setting sun casting a brilliant, warm light and rich ebony shadows over the vast field of oil pumps and piping equipment. There is something mesmerizing and starkly beautiful about the fields scattered with thick mechanical pumps. Collectively they form a kind of abstract industrial art. What we see in this jumble of pumps, pipes, towers, and electrical lines depends on our state of mind and our ability to see beyond the machines as just so many pumps in an oil field.

The complete gallery of oil field photographs is located here.


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