After the Fire

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Off Highway 152 West

Towards Gilroy, California

July 7, 2016

A few days after Independence Day, I decided to visit my daughter, Diana, in Mountain View (just south of San Francisco). She was in California with her boyfriend who just started working for Facebook. I decided to turn my visit into a comfortable road trip, making a broad ellipse up the central valley to Route 152, east to Gilroy, to Route 101, north to Mountain View, and then after three or four days (having outworn my visit), Route 101, south toward Salinas, then west to US 1 at Monterey where I planned on following the coast south through Big Sur, to Route 46 south of Cambria, where I’d head east through Paso Robles over to Route 5 and so back to Redondo Beach.

On the way over to Gilroy, Route 152 passes through high rolling hills of yellowish grasses dotted with lime trees, cottonwood trees, and small shrubs. The almost perfect spacing of the trees is something out of a manual on park design. But today as I came down of the mountains into the hills, the grass had been burnt into a charcoal black by a fast moving fire. The contrast between the yellow and black was very interesting. I pulled over and walked up into the hills behind me so I could take detailed as well as broad images of the black and yellow hills. More images of these fire burned hills can be found here.



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