A Crystal Blue Sunset

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Along Route 5 (South)

Near Bakersfield, California

July 9, 2016

Route 5 runs down through California’s eastern agricultural valley, from North of Sacramento, through Los Angeles, then all the way down to the Mexican border. For those of us who live south of Los Angeles, heading east to the 405 and then north past Magic Mountain and over the mountains into the inland valley is the quickest way to reach 101 and the coastal communities north of San Louis Obispo. One day in mid-July I was heading back from Santa Cruz. I followed Route 101 south, turning east at Paso Robles on Route 46, and headed over to Route 5 where I headed south once more. The day was passing. I pulled into the tiny town of Tupman just west of Route 5 near Bakersfield. The sun was setting. The sky was a clear, crystal blue.  Here are a few images from that evening,




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