Elephant Seals

July 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Elephant Seal Colony

North of Cambria, California

July 16 2016

North of Cambria, beyond the Moonstone Grill (see here, and here) along the coast, is one of the largest elephant sea colonies (see here) in the Northern Hemisphere. On our trip along US 1, the coast highway, we stopped on a cool, damp, and windy afternoon at the observation platform, about ten feet in the air and fifty feet from the beach. This was after the breeding season, so the vast, thick herd of seals had dwindled to just a few hundred. Actually, this made for much better photography. The large bulls were piled next to each other and their bright reds and oranges and grey-blue colors stood out brilliantly against this damp leathery skin. A more complete set of photographs can be found here.


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