Shadows on a Planck Fence

June 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Redondo Beach, California

Sometime in April

This late afternoon photograph of a wooden plank wall among the shadows starts a second series of abstract photographic images taken in a few of my strolls around the western edge of Redondo Beach (between the Pacific Coast Highway and the Esplanade). All of these images were taken on a single day in June (the eighth). Over the next several weeks I plan on starting a “street” photography project, roaming around Redondo Beach from the Riviera Village down to the doomed power plant next to the marina.

Since I plan of completely my own odyssey of discovery, I plan to start publishing the set of photographs on Bloomsday. As most of my readers know this was an ordinary day in June, (June 16, 1904), when Leopold Bloom, the protagonist of James Joyce’s Ulysses, set out from home and began a stroll around Dublin, keeping a few appointments and pondering his relationship with Molly (his wife) and others who have passing into and out of his life.


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