Storm and Sunset Over Biscayne Bay

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Normandy Isle

Miami Beach, Florida

May 5, 2014

Before moving back to Southern California, I lived on an island in Biscayne Bay. Three draw bridges from I-95 to the west, and one draw bridge from Collins Avenue to the east. The Miami River, to the east, was (and I assume still is) a wide quiet waterway, home to birds, snakes, huge yellow banana spiders, manatees, and iguanas; and is hedged by palm and lime trees, tangles of brightly colored flowers, and the moorings for weathered fishing boats. The east side of Normandy Isle is bounded by the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. Westward from Normandy Isle Biscayne Bay stretches out in wide shallow waters until it mingles with the Everglades. 

In late spring and throughout the summer huge thunderstorms roll inland over the warm shallow waters of the Everglades. Massive black and yellow thunderheads grow into the upper reaches of the troposphere. As the storms move over the water, the clouds blot out the sun and throw the islands and the waters into deep alcove of darkness. Here is a picture of such a storm sweeping by one very late afternoon on its way to extinction over the cool waters of the Atlantic. 


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