My journal is not a day by day record of my travels (regardless of the root meaning of "journal") nor is it, as a rule, a series of photo-essays about some unified theme. Rather, each journal entry is usually one or more images -- drawn here and there from my galleries -- that, for one reason or another, especially interests me. Further, this is not a journal about the newest equipment or what camera to use or how to take a picture or what post-processing I did in Photoshop.

I take a more personal and informal, “this is what happened” or “this is why I took this picture” approach instead of the "how I did it" details about the camera, the camera settings or the lens.

I approach my journal in this way because my site is filled with galleries of photographs across a wide spectrum of subjects as well as a wide range of geographic locations and, as a result, photographs that I believe might be particularly interesting are often lost in the crowd.

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